1 Tiger Reserve | Total Area: 1130 Sq. Km.

Palamau Tiger Reserve

The Palamau Tiger Reserve is one of the nine original tiger reserves in India and the only one in the state of Jharkhand, India. It forms part of Betla National Park and Palamau Wildlife Sanctuary. The tiger population is extremely scarce and counting them has become particularly difficult due to Naxalite activities that have increased since 1990. As of 2012, the count, using DNA to prevent over-counting, is one male and five female tigers. The initial count in 1973 when the tiger reserve was created was 50 tigers, but some claim that this was an over-count without adequate controls. By 2005 the number of tigers was down to 38. The census in 2007 found only 17 tigers. The 2009 tiger census based on DNA analysis indicated that there were just six tigers in the reserve. The forest department claimed that, since the core area was almost inaccessible due to difficult terrain and the Naxalite presence, the census may not have found all the tigers. No new tigers have been found in the years since and decreased game and hunting opportunities suggest that these are the only six. As of 1989, 65 elephants were believed to reside in the reserve. Apart from tigers and elephants, leopards, gaurs, sambars and wild dogs live in the reserve. (For a more exhaustive list see article about Betla National Park.) Though the North Koel River runs through the reserve, the animals depend on man-made holes for water, making them easily accessible to humans. Over 140 species of birds (including peafowl) have been sighted in the reserve.

Core Area: 414 Sq. Km.

Buffer Area: 715 Sq. Km.

Current Temperature:

Best time to visit: NA

Tiger Status: 10 (2010 census)

Likelihood of spotting Tiger: NA

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